Asbestos Testing Kit

Before we share the asbestos testing kit information, I think better for you to understand what you will face.

Asbestos is a tiny hazardous fiber which hard to identify with our naked eyes. For that reason, we need to conduct a procedure that can help determine the existence of fiber material in our property. It is known as the asbestos testing procedure.

Asbestos testing is a process required to identify asbestos material in your house.

Asbestos testing basically is a process of gathering and collecting a sample of fibre material from your premises. Afterward, you need to send the sample to an authorized laboratory. So it can be examined properly.

Working with asbestos requires safety procedures, it includes the asbestos testing process. Asbestos testing can be a risky operation, and it’s because there’s a high opportunity of the asbestos fiber goes airborne in this process. Therefore, you will need professional assistance in this process, read the management plan of asbestos here.

However, many homeowners worry and are not certain if their properties are asbestos-free. Some of them take action by trying to perform the testing procedure by their self.

Some homeowners try to do DIY asbestos testing using asbestos testing kit which they can easily purchase in the market. An asbestos testing kit is a tool that is able to help homeowners to gather the fiber sample.

Now, before you choose to go with an asbestos testing kit, let’s learn more about it.

The Advantages of Using Asbestos Testing Kit.

  1. Affordable price of asbestos testing kit : An asbestos testing kit may cost you around $30 to $60, but each tool is different than the other. Due to its affordable cost, it can help you get started the testing process.
  2. Helping the building owners addressing the asbestos problems: Asbestos is hard to recognize and identify. It may hide within the floor tile, insulation, roof (more about asbestos roof here), cement, or drywall. A home testing kit can help building owner determine whether the building has asbestos problems or not.
  3. The difficulty of finding a professional: If you live in a rural area and it’s difficult to find a professional to help you with the procedure, then it will be more practical to perform the process yourself.

Do not forget to follow the safety procedures, if you decide to gather the samples using the home testing kit.

The Disadvantages of Using Asbestos Testing Kit

  1. Asbestos fiber is dangerous when we inhale the material. Unfortunately, it’s quick to spread in the air, and we may rapidly breathe in the substance without our knowledge. Professional know how to manage and perform a safe procedure so that it will minimize the chance of inhaling the dangerous substance.
  2. The performance of the asbestos testing kit.
  3. An asbestos testing kit that is sold in the market recently is not a complete kit to test a sample by yourself. The kit is just some protection equipment to gather and collect the sample safely. Some people who had employed the home testing kit feel unsatisfied, it’s because the outcome of the testing kit does not provide a fulfilling result.
  4. An expert is more likely to know where to look for fibrous material in your home. Asbestos is a material that utilized in 300 different commercial products and as a mixture material for building construction. A professional with vast knowledge and experienced is capable of discovering all the asbestos products and collecting the sample safely.

The price of an asbestos testing kit

asbestos testing kit product sample

The image above is a sample product of asbestos testing kit from an online store (image screenshot credit and taken from Amazon). The price is about $27! it’s cheap enough. I also found other kits with similar prices.

Please take a note that not all of the products have good reviews, I mean if you want to do your first DIY material testing, just read the real user’s testimonials first.

Now the decision is in your handsĀ if you believe that the testing kit in the market is enough, just continue doing it. However, if you have a serious problem with the dangerous materials, you should be better to find someone who is the expert on the asbestos testing job.

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