Asbestos Testing Brisbane: The Actions to Identify Asbestos

Many people looking for asbestos testing Brisbane, but did you know that there are several important things need to understand? We have the ultimate tips and research to help you on taking the actions to identify this material. If you’re looking for removal guide, you better check the home page here:

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The asbestos issues in Australia are getting bigger.

As the asbestos scandal grows, it starts to kill silently and slowly. In the few years, there are many cases in Brisbane, as well as Adelaide and Perth. The government has been focusing on the people awareness about the danger of this fibrous material and by suggesting to conduct asbestos testing in their houses built before the 1980s.

But unfortunately, most cases about exposure happened in the commercial or government buildings.

The recent case regarding to falling ceiling tiles happened in a hospital and it is confirmed that the tiles contain this dangerous material. The tiles are damaged and may pose risk to airborne small fibers. The risk of getting respiration diseases is getting higher if we inhale the airborne fibers. Air monitoring service is necessary if the products are already disturbed, but it is better to take preventive action such as sample testing if you’re uncertain whether a product contains asbestos containing material (ACM) or not.

A visual inspection of your buildings is not sufficient to determine if it contains dangerous fibers. This is why you need to hire an expert to conduct the asbestos testing. The hygienist will collect samples from your suspected hazardous fibers material and have them tested in a certified laboratory.

The result will include the information whether there is ACM in the product and if it’s necessary to perform a removal, or even demolition.

Have you aware about the impact of being exposed to friable ACM?

The most dangerous thing from the risks is the possibility of suffering respiration diseases. Inhaling the small fibers for a long period will pose you to risks of getting asbestosis, mesothelioma, and even lung cancer. These diseases will show signs in a certain long period and once you’re diagnosed, there are possibilities that it may be too late to be cured. It’s countless how many workers and building contractors connected to ACM that had come into contact with the deadly substance.

Ever wonder how close you are to this silent killer? Guess what, many homes built before the 1980s can be confirmed contain small particles and fibers in old floor tiles, roof shingles and ceiling, walls pipe insulation’s, and even home appliance.

Do you know that your popcorn poppers, carpets, and hairdryers may also contain this material? You can even find this dangerous material in toasters, dishwashers, and fireplaces. The best solution to be certain about potentially ACM is by performing an asbestos testing Brisbane procedure by a professional hygienist.

Asbestos testing Brisbane service must be conducted by a certified and professional hygienist. The procedure requires collecting samples, laboratory tests, and consideration to proper action. ACM is hard to be identified only by simply looking at it. It needs an appropriate equipment to collect samples and also for the laboratory tests. You’re not recommended to do this service by yourself because without proper equipment, the risks are higher on being exposed to disturbed products or even worse; inhaled the fibers.

How to find asbestos?

If you’re uncertain about suspected ACM in your properties and planned to hire the asbestos testing service, here are the simple action steps for the preparation:

  1. Determine when the building was constructed
  2. See if there are signs of damaged ACM
  3. Decide whether to get the area tested
  4. Hire a professional hygienist or contractor
  5. Prepare the area for the test (stop any air conditioning, close off the area)
  6. Understand the testing procedure (how to package a material sample)
  7. Wait for the result

Asbestos testing tools

For the common knowledge, there are some tools that usually be used to identify or conduct a testing procedure:

  1. Plastic sheeting will be laid sheeting under the area where samples will be collected and secured with heavy-duty tape
  2. The area to be tested will be sprayed with low-pressure water to keep loose fibers from getting airborne
  3. A tool is used to cut into the material to be tested to get sample of fibers
  4. A small sample of material which might contain ACM will be placed in a sealable container to be sent to a laboratory
  5. The area where the sample was taken (the broken material) is patched with plastic sheet, drywall, or tape to prevent fibers from getting in the air
  6. Protective gear clothing. The contaminated clothing is placed in a sealed container to be disposed

If you planned to conduct asbestos testing Brisbane service, you don’t have to worry about the price because it is worth for your health especially if you’re living in an old house for a long period. There are many choices of the laboratory testing price. The procedure will cost you in the range between 25$ and the most expensive charge will be over 200$ per sample. The price is worth because the laboratories are confirmed to have a certificate and follow the local regulations.

Every work that related to asbestos is not recommended to conduct by a non-licensed contractor. A proper equipment is necessary for every asbestos services and the person who execute the services should have sufficient experience. If you want to live safely with products that contain asbestos, you should be cautious around the materials so you don’t end up disturbing them and releasing the fibers. It is better to keep activities to a minimum in the location that have asbestos. Take precautions and have awareness of the specific area that contains asbestos by hiring an expert to conduct asbestos testing Brisbane. The price is always worth the value of your and your family’s health.

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