Asbestos Roof Removal Brisbane – Safe Handling Guideline

No matter who you are, if you’re looking for an asbestos roof removal Brisbane, this guide will totally help you and make your job safer and easier. It also will teach you about the cost/price estimation and you will have a better understanding of roof removal procedure.

asbestos roof removal Brisbane procedure

Asbestos is a dangerous material. It’s because the fiber element of the asbestos can cause numerous severe health problems to our body. The fiber substance mostly caused respiratory diseases, such as asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

But, long before the severe impact of the substance is known, the fibrous element used to be a component mixture for building material and construction. Unfortunately, it also has utilized in many sectors, including commercial and household products. It may include your roofing material, read more about the asbestos removal and diseases here.

Roof product contains asbestos offers roofing product that has durability, insulation and fireproofing. That is why some roofing company utilized the substance.

Asbestos Roof Removal Quick Tips


Is your roof safe from the hazardous material?

If you are not certain, then you have to check whether your rooftop contains asbestos or not. The page about asbestos testing can be found here.

Why do we need to check our rooftop?

There’re some reasons why we need to check our rooftop. It’s because our rooftop is one of the susceptible components within our house.

The weather is in your area may hot and sunny or cold or cloudy, sooner or later, your roofing material will be weathered. If you’re using a fibrous substance, then it will be a danger to you.

Before all the incidents happening, it’s better to check your roofing products.

If there is a chance that your rooftop has fiber substance within, then do a complete checking procedure, if needed conduct a safe roof removal Brisbane.

What is roof removal Brisbane? It’s a process of getting rid of the fibrous substance from your property and the process has to meet all the Brisbane legislative requirement.

What kind of rooftop that containing fibrous element?

There are three main types of asbestos roofing sheets:

  1. Corrugated sheets were utilized in place of corrugated iron sheets on roofs. It also used as siding for walls to accommodate structural support and protection from fire.
  2. Sheathing: Referred as corrugated fibrous-cement sheathing. It mostly employed as roofing and siding material. The element also commonly applied as backing for decorative false bricks utilized in residential housing.
  3. Flatsheet is the type of asbestos-containing material (ACM) which employed in interior walls and ceilings. It’s different with drywall which was built from gypsum plaster, while a flatsheet was made using fibrous element mixed with cement.

Who can perform a safe roof removal Brisbane

A safe procedure can only be conducted by a certified, professional, and experienced contractor. It’s because tiny fibers will endanger our health once we inhale it. For that reason, if you’re going to remove the ACM products you will need appropriate equipment and extensive knowledge to undertake a safe procedure. You also have to use protective equipment that can restrain the tiny substance from entering your body. That is why you need assistance from an experienced expert.

Besides, an expert you will also need a certified contractor to get rid of your ACM legally. Why? In some countries, particularly Brisbane region, there’s a regulation which oversees who can remove the hazardous substance.

Then, what kind of licensed contractor you will need for your ACM problems?

Basically, there’re two types of certified contractor:

  1. Contractor who owns Class A license. A removalist who holds this type of license is capable of removing every kind of fiber substance (Friable and Bonded ACM)
  2. Contractor who owns Class B license: A removalist who holds this type of license is only capable of removing Bonded ACM.

Therefore, you need to know what kind of fibrous element that is in your roofing products.

How much is the average cost of roof removal procedure.

The average cost of roof removal Brisbane will depend on some factors, such as the material size and the difficulties and obstacles in the work area. Generally, the average cost of removal process is $50 per square meter. To get an accurate estimation, you can contact the contractor who will handle the procedure.

So, if you’re living in Brisbane area, be aware! You might have hazardous roofing material. Contact a licensed and professional roof removalist to help you manage the problems.

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