Asbestos Management Plan Brisbane

Asbestos management plan Brisbane is needed to be handled by a Professional Company in that area to deal with the asbestos stuff. Below is the requirements that must be completed and understood by the project planner.

But, before we start to talk more about the AMP, do you know about the asbestos itself? And do you know about what is the asbestos management plan?

asbestos management plan in Brisbane

As I have mentioned in this page, asbestos is a natural mineral made by several fibres type and chemical which are so dangerous to human life. But, in facts, some people are still using this hazard in the tiles product, on the roof, in the industrial building and more. Sadly, some people also didn’t know about anything related to the effect of this fibrous.

As asbestos containing materials (ACM) is commonly found in Brisbane area, you might have lived with it for years and being exposed to this harmful substance without even realising it. Exposure to ACM can cause numerous deadly diseases such as mesothelioma, lung diseases, and asbestosis.

However, the mere presence of this harmful substance does not mean that the safety and health of the building occupants are threatened. When left undisturbed, ACMs usually do not possess a health risk for the occupants of the premises. However, when the material is damaged or disturbed, there is an increasing risk of fibre exposure to the surrounding environment.

Before you decided to perform a removal work, it is necessary to conduct a survey or testing first to detect the presence of ACM in a doubtful material. If you identify dangerous fibres based on the survey, you should consider doing a management plan to assess necessary actions that needed to be taken to prevent the fibre exposure. The plan should be made only by licensed contractors to minimise the potential risk of airborne fibre both inside and outside your property.

Why you need an asbestos management plan?

If you are the owner of a residential building, company, premises occupier, manager, or representative with a responsibility of workplace maintenance; you need to create the plan.

You might not need it if you already conducted a survey before and no fibre was identified. Else if any fibres were detected from the survey, you have to make an asbestos register and management plan. A register should include essential information that stated the location of fibre that has been identified inside of a building, while the later should provide details of necessary control measures to deal with the fibres.

A specialist is required to implement effective control measures and an in-place program. Even when airborne fibres are released inside of the property, whether accidentally or intentionally, proper procedures to handle this emergency situation should be provided.

The plan of this material management is critical information which is related to this hazardous project. We can found the step by steps of demolition procedures, the size of the stuff, the accident management, the name of the project owner and much more on this plan. Basically, it’s showing the important things on managing the asbestos abatement.

The professional removalist company should be able to give the complete asbestos management plan Brisbane (if you live in Brisbane, Australia), but if they failed, and still executing the project without the proper plan, the law is always watching any job related to the dangerous materials including this fibres. Brisbane is one of Australia’s largest city, everybody must do the right things here, don’t try to make any incomplete plan, you will be watched by the government rules.

For you who want to learn or want to know what is needed to deliver the right fibre management procedure by a professional company, how they prepare the plan or strategy, then you can find the necessary things here.

Basically, with the right procedure and strategy, An demolition company should be able to solve your problems which are related to the asbestos, they should help you in the case of abatement, testing, roof replacement, and many more.

However, there are some things important they need to do to resolve the asbestos cases.

For your information, we often found this hazard material in our home, we also can find these substances within the floors, the walls, roofs of houses and others, for that, we have to manage these objects as well.

If you’re working on a project related to this substances, then you need the complete data, including the name of area, material types, the project data, etc. We know the government of Australia has a lot of rules about handling this stuff. You have to follow the rule of law in there so you do not get problems in the future.

The person responsible for the management plan must have a certificate of AMP, this certificate is checked by the government and we have to prepare for everything.

This is what must be prepared by a Pro Asbestos Management Plan Creator

  1. The identification or testing data of the stuffs
  2. Every jobs must follow the rule of government law and obey all government policies
  3. An AMP file should explain in detail about step by step how the procedure conducted, in case of an accident which is associated with this hazardous material
  4. Every workers should be trained on handling the asbestos, include the certificate/licenses information
  5. The explanation of the dangers of this mineral, and the explanation of problem solving
  6. Sometimes, AMP must include the information of air monitoring schedules, and more

The most important thing to know is, in the data of plan, asbestos registers data is so critical and needed. We can find lots information in there which is needed for creating the plan, make sure you get the latest one.

There will be consequences for not doing it…

The most obvious reason to have a management plan is that it’s a legal requirement for premises owner. If you either unable to show this document or have an outdated document, you can face a penalty from the regulatory body in Brisbane since you are breaking the law.

It will not make your lease invalid, but the penalty for breaching this act can be very costly. The penalty can be as high as $36,000 for the owner of a company or $3,600 for a homeowner in Brisbane.But the threat of the penalty should not be the sole reason for you to conduct it. The regulations are there for a good cause: by doing so, you are one step forward in protecting your family or worker in your premises.

The potential risk of exposure to this carcinogenic material outweigh any monetary penalties for not doing proper risk assessments. In order to follow the regulation and ensure your premises occupants from this carcinogenic substance, Brisbane City Council recommends you to seek help from a licensed asbestos contractors to create and implement an appropriate in-place program.


managing this stuff need the skills, the licenses, the government laws information, and the transparent procedure for executing the job.

You can begin thinking about the plan by following some AMP templates, and if you looking for the management plan template right now, you can download it from SafeWork Australia, or from here.

Don’t play with the unknown company, if you’re not sure on what you’re doing, you should better ask the expert about understanding and creating the plan of asbestos management. Be careful and hope you find it easy to follow. Thank you.

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