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Hi all, We are Asbestos Removal Brisbane. Introducing, my name is Elena, one of the site admin. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I love writing, singing, and do some activities related to the healthy environment.

Our site focus is to the asbestos materials topic, and to the other things that associated with the problems and solution of asbestos removal, testing and the management plan.

This About Us page describes who we are and what we do.

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A few years ago, I saw a lot of cases involving the environment, such as global warming, deforestation, illegal logging, flooding, and many others. I think many people is not really aware about their earth. So, now I am interesting to think more about this world 😛

So, the global environment cases was scared me, but I will not talk all of those things I just want to try from the small topic, my attention now is the problem of asbestos in Australia, why? let’s find out.

You might be surprised, yes and honestly, at the first time, I didn’t understand what asbestos is, in fact, I have never heard the asbestos word before!! never!

However, a few months back, I often see the cases of asbestos contamination, especially in Brisbane and in other cities in Australia. The fact is 100% proved that the asbestos is extremely dangerous and the most severe things from it is asbestos may be in your home right now!

asbestos in home

That’s why this blog is created, 🙂 but I’ll not just talk about the things which are only related to the asbestos here, I am also happy with the environment discussion, and probably include the home design tips, home decorating, plants and others. I love the home design actually, and someday I will post my home decoration here.

I have some great experiences about the environment, and that’s why I know how important the effect of the environment on our life.

I invite you to join in this blog and please share a broad range of matters concerning to the world environment.

Why do I give this blog name “asbestos removal Brisbane AU?”


It because I am a little bit confused when searching the site name, LOL, and the web also assisted to my friend who is live in outside of Australia, but I still take care the contents of this blog.

So what we do?

We are non-profit asbestos researcher group, the goal of this website is to spread the dangerous material information, including asbestos. We create and research the news and we try to show all of those ideas/info in this blog.

If you want read more about this dangerous fibre stuff, below are the contents you should read:

Thank you for joining Me and please excuse if my writing style on this blog is less than prefect, I am not a pro for sure. Contact me here

Thank You.

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